Together We Can

Make A difference

Three Words:

We The People

What Charlie Stands For

I don’t have to tell you things are bad; everybody knows things are bad.

That’s the start of a speech from a movie in 1976. And you know what? Things are still bad.

But why haven’t we done anything about them?

Every two years, we elect people to represent us in Congress. So what have they done?

Why are our bridges still falling down? Why are our children not being educated? Why can’t so many of us make ends meet?

When I think about these questions, I get mad. But…

Protecting American Values

North Alabama has a large military presence that brings resources and opportunities to the area. I support NASA and the United States military, and I understand their importance to the people and economy of North Alabama. Also…

Redeeming the American Soul

We have a problem with corruption in our government. We have seen how the effects of policies like Citizen’s United have increased corruption in our government. We must enact laws to eliminate political corruption to protect our…

Unifying the Country

We the People of the United States, are the first words of The Constitution and the entire point of my campaign. The Corrupt have caused so much disillusionment in America that many people are talking about armed conflict against…

Rebuilding The American Dream

By raising the minimum wage, we can guarantee more money to the working classes. With the working class having more available money then they will not need to work as many hours. This will ensure more time is spent with…

Combating Climate Change

We must combat Climate Change. It does not matter how much money we make if our environment becomes so bad that our species’ survival becomes impossible. God gave us this beautiful world as a home, and we are destroying…

Balancing the Budget

We must be economically conservative when it comes to the United States budget. We are more than $28 Trillion in debt and have a national debt to Gross Domestic Product ratio of 128%. This is dangerous to the development and…

Voting Rights

Every legal citizen over the age of 18 that is legally allowed to vote should have the right to their vote without restrictions. Every district should have polling places proportionate to their population density and distance. Every voter should…

You Can

Make A difference