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Three Words:

We The People

What Charlie Stands For

Protecting American Values

I am a true Constitutionalist; I support all 27 amendments to The Constitution, not just a few cherry-picked amendments to support my arguments.  I have my concealed carry permit and I support the 2nd amendment, but…

Destroying The Deep State

The Deep State has infiltrated every level of society in the United States.  I will draft and pass a law forcing the media to be transparent with honest, objective, and sourced news.  This action will take down the Deep State in…

Balancing The Budget

We must be economically conservative when it comes to the United States budget.  We are more than $28 Trillion in debt and have a national debt to Gross Domestic Product ratio of 128%.  This…

Unifying The Country

As President Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”, and I will not let my country collapse into a Second Civil War.  I will not let my fellow American’s suffer the possibility of…

Combating Climate Change

We must combat Climate Change.  It does not matter how much money we make if our environment becomes so bad that our species survival becomes impossible.  God gave us this…

Rebuilding The American Family

By raising the minimum wage, we can guarantee more money to the working classes.  With the working class having more money than they will not need to work as many hours.  This will ensure…

You Can

Make A difference