Charlie On The Issues

What Charlie Stands For

I don’t have to tell you things are bad; everybody knows things are bad.

That’s the start of a speech from a movie in 1976. And you know what? Things are still bad.

But why haven’t we done anything about them?

Every two years, we elect people to represent us in Congress. So what have they done?

Why are our bridges still falling down? Why are our children not being educated? Why can’t so many of us make ends meet?

When I think about these questions, I get mad. But then I think: Why isn’t everyone mad?

I doubt you think our representatives are doing their jobs; I certainly don’t. And I sure know there’s a lot more they could be doing. So why aren’t we mad about it?

When did we stop being mad?

If you can’t remember, maybe it’s time to get mad again.

To demand action. 

To hold our representatives accountable.

To make them do something. 

That’s why I’m running for Congress.  Because I’m mad. But more importantly because I want D.C. to work for us, not the other way around.

If you’re mad too, I get it. And I’m ready to do something about it.

We’re already mad; now let’s make things better.

Unifying The Country

We the People of the United States, are the first words of The Constitution and the entire point of my campaign. The Corrupt have caused so much disillusionment in America that many people are talking about armed conflict against our own nation. As President Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” and I will not let my country collapse into a Second Civil War. I will not let my fellow Americans suffer the possibility of our country collapsing. It is time someone stands up for our country and push for the most logical and profitable answer for all of America and not just the upper one percent.

Eliminating Career Politicians and Anti-corruption

Corruption has infiltrated every level of society in the United States.  We will need Term Limits and Age Limits to eliminate career politicians from our Congress.  We will ban members of Congress from trading stock and increase the consequences of ethics violations. I will work to pass laws to increase media transparency to better inform America with honest, objective, and sourced news.  I will be pushing to ban Citizens United and get the lobbyists and special-interest groups out of our government and get the power back into the hands of the American people.

I know many people in America’s political sphere talk about being against corruption but how many of those people are economic elite, politically connected, or are career politicians?  I am none of those.  Instead, I am a man of the people for the people that believes in The Constitution and that it creates a government for the people by the people.

Rebuilding the American Family

By raising the minimum wage, we can guarantee more money to the working classes. With the working class having more available money then they will not need to work as many hours. This will ensure more time is spent with the family. This encourages family togetherness, discipline, and allows children to have more time with family and more help with homework and other issues in their life. Financial problems are quite devastating to relationships and eliminating those stresses from a couple’s life can increase the strength of their marriage. Financial problems can also cause other problems such as substance abuse, increased crime rates, and mental health problems all of which can destroy the American family if not properly addressed.

The corruption of the medical industry and the insurance industry has made affordable healthcare and important requirement for improving the American family. The prices for insurance and hospital visits are limiting people’s ability to remain healthy. People who are diabetic cannot afford insulin. People with major injuries are avoiding hospitals because they fear the bill because it will bankrupt their family. We cannot let American families go through these financial hardships and physical ailments. Both health problems and bankruptcies destroy American families, its as simple as that.

Affordable education is important if we are to improve the American family. This eliminates the financial burden of the family and encourages students to work harder to get a better education at universities and trade schools. This improvement in education increases the possibilities of the educated children giving them the financial stability to build and maintain a family of their own in the future. A better educated population also gives Americans the tools to fight the problems of today and the problems that will come, which guarantees America first.

Improving the Lives of North Alabamians

We need to upgrade the roads and waterways to increase commerce coming into Alabama.  Expanding Mobile port will allow Alabama to increase transportation through the Alabama river system. Improving the road system and getting the Atlanta to Huntsville to Memphis Highway moving forward would bring millions to North Alabama.  Working well with the Appropriations Committee and the State of Alabama would give me a chance to get more resources to the state of Alabama basically bringing the federal tax we pay back to Alabama to improve our infrastructure, create more jobs, and ultimately increase our GDP.

Properly setting up a grant to loan program to create and grow small businesses should incentivize more Alabamians to start their own business and create more jobs and if implemented properly should cost the taxpayers nothing. With a more liberal federal government and a more conservative Alabama we should have excellent opportunities to recruit and negotiate deals to bring more businesses to North Alabama and continue our great growth.

With the plan I want to install I can see North Alabama double it’s GDP in the next 10 years.  Imagine how nice it would be to have double the money you have now and none of it come about because of inflation.

Combating Climate Change

We must combat Climate Change. It does not matter how much money we make if our environment becomes so bad that our species’ survival becomes impossible. God gave us this beautiful world as a home, and we are destroying it to benefit corrupt and greedy. Imagine being a father and buying your child a home and they look at you laugh and light it on fire because, “They don’t like the color.”  How would you feel as a parent that your child disrespected you in such a way when you were going through that much work just to support them? That feeling is what God must be feeling about us because we are not taking care of his gift. God gave us this world and dominion over it. We should not just oversee it but also be responsible and preserve our world to honor God.

Protecting America and it's Values

North Alabama has a large military presence that brings resources and opportunities to the area. I support NASA and the United States military, and I understand their importance to the people and economy of North Alabama. Also, with rising tensions in Russia and China we must make sure our Military is economically sufficient to combat these international threats.

I am a true Constitutionalist; I support all 27 amendments to The Constitution not just a few cherry-picked amendments to support my arguments. I have my concealed carry permit and I support the 2nd amendment, but I believe proper background checks and mandatory gun safety classes are important to minimizing the destruction caused by criminal renegades and limit the number of innocent children killed by improperly stored guns in America. I do not support gun bans instead I support gun education. We banned alcohol and alcohol use and crime increased. We started the “War on Drugs” and drug use and crime increased. The only people likely to follow a gun ban are the people that need personal protection the most.

We must as a country take an active stand against gun violence. We must not stand by passively and let American families suffer gun violence and only offer “our thoughts and prayers.”  I am completely in favor of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to practice your religion. I am not in favor of the sin of “bearing false witness” and the corrupt people’s use of these lies to undermine America. We must protect everyone’s Constitutional rights and limit government overreach when it pertains to individual rights.

Limit Government Spending and Balancing the Budget

We must be economically conservative when it comes to the United States budget. We are more than $28 Trillion in debt and have a national debt to Gross Domestic Product ratio of 128%. This is dangerous to the development and growth of the United States. We must take responsibility for this debt and control our government spending before it overwhelms us and crashes the U.S. economy. We must look for new revenue streams while at the same time not raising taxes. This will be one of the hardest endeavors that we as a government will undertake in our lifetime. We cannot allow our government to put more economic strain on our children and instead reign in our spending and be responsible to the U. S. taxpayers.

Social Justice and Criminal Justice Reform

Every legal citizen over the age of 18 that is legally allowed to vote should have the right to their vote without restrictions. Every district should have polling places proportionate to their population density and distance. Every voter should be registered when they register for the draft. Absentee ballots should be accessible to every American. Voting day should be a paid national holiday to encourage more people to exercise their right to vote. We must renew the fight for voting rights since the Republican party has become so concerned with limiting people’s access to properly vote with more red tape and regulations.

Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana are important to our future in America.  We must legalize marijuana to tax it and use it as a new revenue stream to limit government spending. We must decriminalize it to get non-violent offenders out of the prison system saving the U.S. Taxpayers the money it takes to arrest, convict, and incarcerate Americans for these “crimes”.  We must push to eliminate the drug black market that exists in this country by creating a legal market and outcompeting the black market.

Prison Reform is a necessary if we are to save money and improve our country.  We must push to create a system that educates incarcerated Americans and gives them the skills to live a good honest life so we can get our recidivism rates down and save all the money that a lowered crime rate saves U.S. Taxpayers. People always talk about walls, bars, and guards being expensive but those fail in comparison to lawyers, judges, and billable hours. Just eliminating the Death Penalty would save the U.S. Taxpayers ~$30 million per Death Row inmate case. Also, remember that decreased recidivism rates mean more rehabilitated Americans would now be working and paying taxes helping the country instead of damaging it with crime.

I am Pro-choice and by following the Bible and science understand the need for women to have body autonomy and the option of a safe abortion.  The Bible has an abortion in It, Numbers 5:11-31 and science doesn’t consider a fetus viable until about week 25.  I say let’s use that information and make abortion legal up until viable and third trimester abortions only when it is a danger to the life of the child and/or mother.

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